Just really quick, I’m stopping in a day early to say hello. Also, that I like you guys! (And even though I’m still on crutches, I’m not even cranky anymore—it’s a miracle!)

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I won’t be around to do a high school post. Instead, I’m going to bake a lot of pies and then go see my parents and my sister and my cousins and all my aunts and uncles (subtext: my family is really, really tremendous, both in terms of wonderfulness and sheer numbers).

High school posts will return next Thursday, and I’m thinking that for this coming Monday, I’ll even put together an actual writing-related post (What? Brenna, doing something organized and educational and possibly even prescriptive? I know!), where I talk about revision and how to gut a story and keep the good parts.

(We’ll see how it goes.)

Until then, I hope you all have a great week, and even if you’ve got nothing fun planned, just … do something fun anyway—do something that you love!

7 thoughts on “Happy-Happy

  1. Aww, no high school post? Oh well, family is MUCH more important. :D My whole crazy family (all 50+) is in town this week, so I can imagine how much fun you’ll be having!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • My whole crazy family (all 50+) is in town this week

      See, my family is big, but it’s got NOTHING on yours! (At our very best, we max out at 25-30. But have been known to make enough noise for 50.)

  2. I shall look forward to your writing-related post. I’m sure it will be lovely. I also can’t wait for the return of the high school posts because, you know, they’re amazing.. haha :)

    I hope you have a great week as well and that you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family :)

    Thanks for the wonderful blog posts Brenna :)

    • I hope your Thanksgiving is (retroactively) excellent, and I’ll try to figure out a way to write about writing without sounding like I’m Teaching a Lesson. (Because while I have about a billion ideas on many many subjects, I don’t really look all that good in the Teaching Hat. Mostly because I get bored with myself very easily.)

      From my days as a teaching assistant:

      Brenna: So, the symbolism of the butcher shop supports the—you know what? I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Now let’s talk about PANDAS!

      Students: *blink* *blink* *blink*

  3. Can’t wait for the writing post! I guess we can all wait a week for more HighSchoolBrenna stories… Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

      • So far I’ve figured that out. I work at my local library, and right now we are resolving (and putting stickers on) all of the books, and when I saw the Replacement I made sure I put the sticker on perfectly! I’m also having a bit of trouble dealing with rejections. Within the first two weeks of sending out queries, I have gotten 7 rejections, probably a record. Who is your literary agent?

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