Sh*t Writers Say (also, I am a bad blogger)

First things first, I am a bad blogger.

Things that have contributed to blog-silence, in order of occurrence, 75% work-related:

  1. Final stages of Merry Fates anthology madness
  2. Knee surgery
  3. Edit letter
  4. Writing retreat

With that in mind, I’d like to take this moment to assure anyone who might be wondering that—you know the drill—I’m not dead, and things will be returning to normal very shortly. At least, shortly when considered in the grand scheme of things (continents drifting, stars colliding).

But it still might be a while.

Currently, I’m revising the hell out of Paper Valentine. And that is always its own special kind of monster. I love and hate and love revising, because it’s where I get to see what I’m really made of. Which, no matter how exciting and rewarding the process turns out to be, is always a little bit disconcerting.

So, I had all these things that I probably wanted to tell you and now I don’t remember them. They went somewhere else. (My editing-brain ate them, is where.)

Instead, I’ll stick with this: I just got back from a really wonderful writing retreat with some really wonderful people, and as she is wont to do, Jackson Pearce made a video.

So here we are in all our pajamaed glory. Also, you can see me in a hat. Which, from November to March, is my natural state.

10 thoughts on “Sh*t Writers Say (also, I am a bad blogger)

  1. Okay, the video rocked. I think y’all are having way too much fun. The whole “It’s not like Twilight” thing cracked me up.

    And very glad to see you’re not dead. That would be sad.

    • It really was a blast! The whole retreat was wonderful, even with there being no internet or cellphone service (or maybe because of?) and we carried on shamelessly and had lots of dance parties.

      Also, I’m glad I’m not dead too :D

  2. Awesome video Brenna. Makes me want to go on a writing retreat now… Good luck with Paper Valentine and thank goodness enforced blog silence is over!

    • Videos are one of the (numerous) perks of going places with Jackson Pearce :)

      (And thanks for the good wishes on PV—I’m currently at that messy halfway place where it just seems easier to light the whole thing on fire. Also, this is totally normal, totally healthy. It will not beat me!)

      • Jackson Pearce is somewhat of a filmmaking mastermind:) I understand what you mean when all of the glittery-new-novel feeling fades away and you look back at it not knowing what you were thinking. Good to know it’s a normal part of the writing process though…

  3. That retreat house looks absurdly gorgeous. (And very grown-up too. But then again, owning things like matching plates still seem very grown up to me.)

    How is it that you can make revising sound so reassuring, but getting ideas . . . vaguely frightening?

    • Ha! I think that must be my own personal bias showing. I draft much faster than I revise, but it’s never as fulfilling and I never quite feel in control of the story or like I know what I’m doing.

      Ideas are hard for me, because in their natural state, they don’t want to be reigned in, and I’m always so much more in my element when I’m actually sitting down and figuring out what it all means and where the little pieces go.

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