Look Look Look (an Announcement)

I know I say this semi-periodically, but in a second, I am going to be so mean right now.

Also, this is not a high school post. It was going to be a high school post, but then this happened:


Which means that now I can think up some sort of big fancy heart-themed contest and give them to you!

But here’s the part where I’m mean, because tomorrow, I am going to be going on A Trip. And because I’ll be on a trip, the contest will have to wait until I get back. Which means … um … now you have something to look forward to? Now I have time to think up my contest? (There is a bright side in here somewhere.)

Also, just so you know, I still intend to post next week, but judging from every other trip I’ve ever taken, I would not hold my breath if I were you. As history has shown us, I am famously bad at updating anything on the internet when I’m away from home, because I get way too distracted by all the new stuff, and then Twitter and Facebook and this blog sit dusty and abandoned and wait patiently (if forlornly) for me to come back with pictures, only I was so distracted that I totally forgot to take pictures.

Also, my trip is to San Francisco, which is a lovely, lovely city, and the weather forecast even swears to me that it will be warm, which would be very exciting, except I know from past experience that it’s probably a lie.

Also, I don’t think anything under 82° qualifies as warm, so according to me, the weather forecast says it’s going to be freezing. Suffice it to say, I will be bringing every thermal shirt I own.

Also, now I’m having a contest with myself to see how many separate paragraphs I can start with the word also.

Also, I win. Which is just one of the many benefits of having a contest with yourself. Okay, I have to stop now, because I’m devolving into massive incoherency even as I watch.

So, work up some excitement for my Giant PAPER VALENTINE ARC Giveaway (terms to be determined at a later date) and I’ll see you guys a week from Monday!

(Unless I see you before then.)

10 thoughts on “Look Look Look (an Announcement)

  1. !!!

    Also, I think since it’s PAPER VALENTINE, the prize should go to someone who was almost named Valentine, before her mother thought twice and named her the less interesting and oh so less attractive Valerie. In which case I win.

    • !!! Really?! Your mother totally should have just taken that leap—I love the name Valentine.

      (Also, I feel like there should be some sort of narrative nonfiction piece on almost-names. One of the girls who comments here sometimes was almost named Wednesday, and when I was 12, I found the name-your-baby book my mom had used when I was born, with a short list penciled inside the front flap. Name at the top? Cleo.)

      • Yes, Valentine is her maiden name. She thought Valentina, but then settled on Valerie.

        Name stories are awesome! A neighbor stole my mom’s boy name for me (Jason Christopher) a month before I was born! Fortunately I was a girl, but she was pissed.

        I just can’t see you as a Cleo…

  2. Also, the contrast between the heart and the sky is very nice. Also, if it (the cover, that being the heart and the sky) were a song, would it be “Love Lift You (Me? Us?) up where We Belong?). Also, that doesn’t make any sense because there isn’t anywhere to stand in the sky, and even though some of the clouds look pretty solid (and like marshmallows), I think if you tried it would end up in a very unpleasant ending for everyone, but especially the people trying to stand on the cloud, and a more appropriate song would be “Love Fills my Heart Like a Jello Mold.” Also, the font the title appears in is very cool–an altogether aesthetically eye-catching cover (jello mold not needed.)

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