Paper Valentine ARC Contest

Well, I am back from my trip! (And totally forgot to take any pictures.) (Which, in light of past history, is not really a surprise.)

And more importantly, ARCs of PAPER VALENTINE are here, which means that now I can give them to you!

As usual, I will try to keep the rules simple. As usual, I may get distracted by random ideas about novelty and originality and nuance and oh-look-a-bird, and fail completely at keeping the rules simple.

Okay, let’s start here:

Paper Valentine

I Love This Cover. Which means that in my own personal estimation, it needs to be shared with the world!

Well, or at least the internet.

So, what I want from you:

Post it someplace where the world (internet) can see it! This means –

  • Your blog
  • Your Facebook
  • Your Twitter
  • Your Tumblr
  • Another nominally-public internet space that I might be blanking on right now

Step One: Share the cover and be sure to include a link back to this blog post
Step Two: Comment here with a link to where you shared the cover

(Totaling two links—if you have not posted two links and one Paper Valentine cover on the internet, then you have not finished entering the contest!)

This contest is for three ARCs—two US, one International.

VERY IMPORTANT EDIT: Yikes! International Entrants, I am SO SORRY—I completely spaced the fact that I’m Definitively Not Allowed to send ARCs out of the country. There are a couple ways we can deal with this. First, keep entering, because I still would really like to give you things. If my International Winner can provide a US shipping address, we’re good to go. If not, I will mail you a finished copy as soon as I have them, or if you don’t want to wait that long, I’ll send you a copy of one of my other books—your choice. Again, big (massive) apologies! Carry on.

This means that all you international entrants have one extra task, which is just to tell me in your comment that you live in a different country than I do!

Now, I’m going to be in Lawrence next week, talking about The Curiosities with Tess and Maggie, and won’t be around to pick a winner. Which means, I’m giving you extra time to enter.

This is officially a two-week contest, and you have until Sunday, September 2nd, at midnight Eastern time.

Good luck!

63 thoughts on “Paper Valentine ARC Contest

  1. I cannot wait! seriously.. january?? i’m too impatient!

    i posted the cover on my pinterest!!

    I’m from CANADA.. but i’m sure i can get someone i know in the states to mail it to me!

  2. I shared the contest on my twitter account @maddydeclares. I absolutely adore your books, Ms. Yovanoff! Keep up the amazing work! 💗

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  4. Oh god!! Oh god!!! *-*
    You have NO idea how bad I want to live in the US right this second!! And while we’re at it…
    I’ve loved and stalked you secretly for what seems like a lifetime!! IT was a MIRACLE your book came to my country-meaning The Replacement-so now I’m just so excited for this book… THOUGH I still need to read The Space Between… so if I were to win this-YEs I’m INTERNATIONAL- you know which book of yours I’m dying to read T_______________T
    You rock my socks, oh clouds!!! I can’t believe I’m giving away my stalker persona here… but I couldn’t pass up this chance…
    I just couldn’t… and before I embarrass myself further… I’ll just link you to where I shared… and be on my way…

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