Away Message

At 4:30 tomorrow morning, I’m taking off for the airport with freshly-painted fingernails, two boxes of Panda licorice, my winter hat, and a packet of rose-petal tea.*

Once gone, my plans include late nights and caffeine at an insurmountably awesome and incredibly massive writing retreat, immediately followed by the Breathless Reads tour.

There will be all kinds of bloggy activities during the retreat,** and once I’m on tour, I plan to keep things current via twitter, but my lack of smartphone might complicate things, so if anyone’s curious about where I happen to be at any given time, you can always take a look at the event schedule on my website.

Somehow, this all sounds very egomaniacal, like you need to be apprised of my movements, when in fact, it’s mostly for my mother. (Hi, mom!)

However, if you’re in New York, Minneapolis, Denver, Salt Lake, or Raleigh, and feel like coming to a signing, the other Breathless Reads authors and I would love to meet you.

To everyone else, keep warm, and I’ll see you when I get back!

*And, you know, some other stuff.

**Not necessarily on my blog, you understand . . . What am I even saying? You all know how it works around here—Tess and Maggie diligently keep you informed with captioned photographs, amusing stories, and up-to-date information. Then, sometime later, I come along and repeat what they said.

The Big Fat New Orleans Post

Finally, my true, actual post about New Orleans—with pictures!

Now, I stole these from everyone involved (mostly Maggie) (really just . . . all from Maggie), so there’s a good chance we’ll be getting some duplicates around the internet, but they were too good not to share, so I’m co-opting them for my own use.

First, this group shot because it is . . . representative:

group shot
(Jackson Pearce, Carrie Ryan, Tessa Gratton, me, Maggie Stiefvater)

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Travel, Plus Two Other Things

So, I’m very bad at talking about things before they happen. Mostly because I am terribly superstitious and absolutely convinced that I will jinx it. However, I feel quite comfortable saying that a week from today, I will be in New Orleans with my fellow Merry Sisters, Tess and Maggie, and Jackson Pearce, Vlogger Extraordinaire, and there will be food, book-talk, and antics galore!

For a much more lucid account of our upcoming trip, you can check out this post, in which Tess explains the details, draws a picture of one of my characters brandishing a handgun while on his way to mail her a love-letter, and speculates that I may or may not be a Jenny Greenteeth.

It’s times like these that I suspect I should not be allowed to summarize anything. (Also, times like this.)

Other things:

  • I’m currently attending the AWP conference, which is taking place in Denver this year, so I’ll be scampering around morning to night without internet for the next few days. I’ll be checking my email sporadically, but might not be a good correspondent until Monday.
  • Exciting news on the Foreign Rights Front! In addition to the US and the UK, THE REPLACEMENT has officially sold in Germany, Hungary, and Taiwan. My book will be printed in complex Chinese, and I will have no clue what it says, which, when you think about it, is kind of awesome!