All Good Things—a Roundup

It’s New Year’s Day! It’s 2013! Which kind of makes me feel like life is rushing by in one long, ungainly sprawl, but whatever!

Due to some general publishing shuffle-y-ness, resulting in a random (and I’ll be honest, not entirely unwelcome) deadline reprieve, I am still writing the first draft of my current book. Yes, that one. Still. Also, it is—hands down—the longest book I have ever written.

However, right now I’m taking a little break from battling the Ever-Expanding Wordcount because I have about nineteen really exciting things to say about Paper Valentine! And by nineteen, I mean six.

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Brenna Admits (Temporary) (Internet) Defeat

I keep telling myself that I’m going to be a good blogger. SUCH a good blogger. One of those dependable, accountable ones who follows a schedule and is all about tidiness and consistency and showing up to appointments on time and remembering to water the plants.

However, as we inch closer and closer to December, it’s becoming more and more apparent that all my good intentions and my attempts at time-management are … kind of a lie.

The reason for this is that oh-my-god-you-guys, Paper Valentine comes out in less than three months! (How did that happen?)

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Random Contest of Randomness

It’s that time again!

Also, I should probably explain what time that is. It’s the time where I look around and notice that wow, I have way too many of my own books, often in languages I don’t even speak, and in the interest of practicality, I should probably get rid of some.

So, I’m going to give away a whole bunch of them. How many? I have no idea! It will all depend on how many people enter. But probably like six.

All you have to do is comment, and then I’ll draw some names and pick some winners. I will do this at sometime around midnight Eastern on Sunday, November 4th.

You have roughly two weeks!

(Give or take.)

(It is just that kind of contest.)

Emergency Preparedness

The power is on at my house!

Normally, this wouldn’t actually demand any sort of joyous announcement. But the other night, we had this windstorm.*

And then the block went dark.

And then I discovered that even though I’d grown up in a relatively rugged and weather-ready household, as an adult, I was ill-prepared for any sort of actual situation. As it turns out, there were many, many things pertaining to emergency preparedness that as a child, I had come to take for granted.

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Contest Winners, Plus TWO EVENTS!

First, the winners of the Through to You prize packs are:

  • alicia marie
  • Katherine Skye

Congratulations, you guys! I’ll be in touch soon for mailing addresses.


And for my second order of business: I have two different group events coming up in the next few weeks.

On Saturday, October 20th, I’ll be at the Boulder Bookstore for Teen Reads Week, hanging out with fellow YA authors Emily Hainsworth, Donna Cooner, and Tiffany Schmidt. We’ll talk and sign and answer questions, and I fully expect it to be a very good time, so if you’re in the area, you should totally come see us!

Also, for those of you in and around Vail: on Monday, November 12th, Emily and I will be at the Bookworm in Edwards, Colorado, for a teen author panel!

And that’s what’s happening, and those are the places I’ll be!

The One About How Girls Treat Each Other (sort of)

(Also, this is about how boys treat girls.)

(Okay, it’s about how people treat girls.)

(Fine. It’s about being a girl.)

In the context of my high school narrative, Delilah is like this constant, uncomfortable mirror, held up to the person I was at fifteen. Mostly, a mirror that illustrates the numerous and fundamental ways that Sophomore-me was nothing like Sophomore-Delilah.

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Through to You

No matter how many times I start to write this post, I keep wanting the basic thesis to be that Emily Hainsworth is delightful.

However, as with so many of my basic theses, that doesn’t actually tell you the part you need to know. I mean, you should know that she’s delightful, but more relevant-to-you-this-minute (until you meet her somewhere, in which case you will discover her delightfulness for yourself) is this other thing:

Her debut novel THROUGH TO YOU just came out last week, and I wanted to tell you about it, because it’s also delightful, but in less of a let’s-drink-coffee-and-talk-about-how-much-we-love-Christopher-Pike* way and more of an Ooh, an otherworldly phenomenon—now let’s look at all the dysfunction! kind of way.

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The Pink Cardboard Camera

It probably goes without saying, but by the end of first quarter, High School Brenna has plunged headlong into total infatuation with #4.

Also, as usual, from the outside this looks approximately similar to if I were plunging headlong into a recipe for craft glue.

Everyone has new [elective] classes now. Cobalt has something called “Integrated PE,” which is with the special ed kids. She mostly just helps them play games and work in the weight-room.

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