Today’s Favorite Thing: Looper

I kept trying to make this post be about how, thanks to my dad, I have a fairly decent working knowledge of science fiction, but am not necessarily a science fiction FAN. Mostly because all my favorite sci-fi is still primarily classed as horror. It seriously took me five paragraphs to say that. Which seemed inefficient and off-topic. So I deleted it.

Then I tried to tell you why I like the movie Looper so, so incredibly much. But I wound up telling you the whole plot, because I am a spoiler-monster.

Okay, I’m going to try one more time, starting now.

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Liking Holden

The autumn of senior year, most of my free time is spent pretending to be giddy and lovestruck over Holden. It turns out that I am a very good pretender.

Or, I can’t actually tell if I am. I might just be an average, or even a bad pretender, but everyone else is so prepared to see exactly what they’re looking for that it doesn’t matter.

As regards the whole Holden Situation, Delilah is running this show like a champ. She has completely memorized his schedule, allowing us to strategically position ourselves in all the places he will probably walk by. (This is pretty much fine by me, because he will also probably be with #4.)

But why am I even going along with this, you ask? The truth is, there’s no easy answer.

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This is not a post about inspirations. Also, it is not a post about nostalgia, artistic influences, where I get my ideas, or whether I spent my childhood watching movies I was way too young to be watching.

I’m not sure what it’s about, exactly. Maybe just those moments that seem to loom up out of nowhere to shape someone as an artist or a writer or as a person who thinks and breathes and dreams and lives in the world and grows up there.

I have this indelible memory of seeing Harold and Maude for the first time.

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I’ve thought a lot (lot lot lot) about this post.*

I’ve thought about the point of it, and the importance, and about what I want to say, because I think I’m about to bring up something that would be good to talk about and I don’t want to screw it up.

The autumn of my senior year of high school is pretty dismal (maddening? miserable?), because I hate how I look.

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In Which Brenna Fails Utterly at Being an Adult

Sometimes I dream that there’s a mean octopus on my ceiling.

The way I know it’s mean is that if it were a nice octopus, it wouldn’t lurk around on the ceiling in the dark like a creeper, it would just wait until morning and then come say hello.

But this is clearly a mean octopus, and as a result, I don’t trust it. I practice constant vigilance. I keep my eye on it.

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Dangerous Things

Today, I’m going kick off my Return to Blogging by talking about something I like.

Because that’s what I do sometimes on Mondays, so clearly it’s like I’m right on schedule and not like I left for a whole entire month, and also this is something I really, really want to share with you, because I like Gillian Flynn a lot. A LOT.

Before we begin, I want to be conscientious and point out that her books should probably come with a content warning.* However, I don’t know what it would say, because it’s not one of those TV-MA, easily-quantifiable kinds of Content, although there’s some of that too. No, it’s this other thing. This ominous, hard to define thing where after you’re done reading, you might not feel all that good about the world, and you have to understand that’s just the chance you take when you open the book. It’s what you’re getting into.

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Paper Valentine Contest Winners

Hey, guys—hey! So, I’m finally back, after what feels like a month. (Probably because it was almost a month.)

However, my days of rampant travel are all squared away, and I should be stationary and dependable for the foreseeable future.

(Also, dependable is relative.)

Now, for today, we have the winners of the Paper Valentine contest! In the US:

Sarah at Blogsbykids

Meghan O (@meghan805)

And my International Winner: Liss Martz Villegas

I’ll be contacting you guys shortly so I can get your mailing addresses.

Also, I totally have more stuff to give away, so look for more contests through the end of this year!

(It’s good to be back.)

Launch Party for The Curiosities

You guys, you guys! At five o’clock tomorrow morning, I’m leaving for Kansas, where good times will surely ensue—and not only because I get to see Tess and Maggie, but because the Lawrence Public Library is hosting a party for The Curiosities!

the curiosities

Which I’m allowed to be totally excited about, just as soon as I do some laundry.

The party is on Saturday afternoon, and we’ll be talking, signing, and no doubt acting undignified. So, if you’re in the neighborhood, you should totally come see us.

Paper Valentine ARC Contest

Well, I am back from my trip! (And totally forgot to take any pictures.) (Which, in light of past history, is not really a surprise.)

And more importantly, ARCs of PAPER VALENTINE are here, which means that now I can give them to you!

As usual, I will try to keep the rules simple. As usual, I may get distracted by random ideas about novelty and originality and nuance and oh-look-a-bird, and fail completely at keeping the rules simple.

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Look Look Look (an Announcement)

I know I say this semi-periodically, but in a second, I am going to be so mean right now.

Also, this is not a high school post. It was going to be a high school post, but then this happened:


Which means that now I can think up some sort of big fancy heart-themed contest and give them to you!

But here’s the part where I’m mean, because tomorrow, I am going to be going on A Trip. And because I’ll be on a trip, the contest will have to wait until I get back. Which means … um … now you have something to look forward to? Now I have time to think up my contest? (There is a bright side in here somewhere.)

Also, just so you know, I still intend to post next week, but judging from every other trip I’ve ever taken, I would not hold my breath if I were you. As history has shown us, I am famously bad at updating anything on the internet when I’m away from home, because I get way too distracted by all the new stuff, and then Twitter and Facebook and this blog sit dusty and abandoned and wait patiently (if forlornly) for me to come back with pictures, only I was so distracted that I totally forgot to take pictures.

Also, my trip is to San Francisco, which is a lovely, lovely city, and the weather forecast even swears to me that it will be warm, which would be very exciting, except I know from past experience that it’s probably a lie.

Also, I don’t think anything under 82° qualifies as warm, so according to me, the weather forecast says it’s going to be freezing. Suffice it to say, I will be bringing every thermal shirt I own.

Also, now I’m having a contest with myself to see how many separate paragraphs I can start with the word also.

Also, I win. Which is just one of the many benefits of having a contest with yourself. Okay, I have to stop now, because I’m devolving into massive incoherency even as I watch.

So, work up some excitement for my Giant PAPER VALENTINE ARC Giveaway (terms to be determined at a later date) and I’ll see you guys a week from Monday!

(Unless I see you before then.)